Customised composition & Tune

Filomena composes with heart and passion. With your story, inspiration and theme she composes your customised composition ‘solo piano’ or with violin, other instruments even with orchestra.

Filomena creates your Customised composition for a special private or corporate event, Exhibition, trade shows,  anniversary and  funeral..Filomena is also a songwriter in Dutch, Italian and English.. She has composed various songs for piano and voice.

Filomena Uffing (1)

She performs  in Italy with the Roman violinist Elena Pezzella; a very talented violonist with a rich portfoglio and often playing with Ennio Morricone and Ricardo Muti. In the Netherlands Tessa Zoutendijk is her first Violinist.

Lovely in combination with a private home or company concert and such a nice and original present!

Music becomes your moderator!

Filomena composes your Customised tune as a soundtrack during your private or corporate even Filomena plays your tune to get your event even more creative and inspirative,…. She introduces and accompanies moderators and actors and composes an unforgettable tune ‘soundtrack’ for your event! This can be performed solo piano , Piano & violin or orchestra. A great idea also during your trade show, congress or meeting

Let music becomes your moderator; music becomes your voice!

Filomena composed various tunes of which one foe the last ones the tune of the yearly global event of UnitedSucces (Global female leading entrepreneurs) at the ‘Aquario Romano’ in Rome last May. Filomena is also able to compose and play a customized composition at the event of the event as a summary of a great experience.

She regularly composes tunes on request for corporate clients during their meetings and events.

A movie without soundtrack is as a event without music……



Filomena composes your Customised soundtrack for your movie, commercial spot, documentary , theatre or art performance.

She loves fashion and has organized in the past with Andiamo various fashion shows (Dutch Fashion Foundation, Pitti Uomo & Donna, Milan , Rome, Lecce  Fashion Week etc) . Therefore she can compose and play on request during fashion shows & fashion performances.

This can be solo piano , Piano & violin or with orchestra and  piano & electronic music with (fashion) DJ!

Lovely in combination with her partner Photographer Esther van der Lecq.


Foto by Max Piccirilly