Dancing on the colours of wine!

Dancing on the colours of wine!

Museo Crocetti
Wine is the result of an interpretation of Nature!

Wine is a cultural and social experience and get people closer.
Through its tasting, wine promotes a multisensorial experience, involving sight, smell and taste in a synesthetic way.
Wine tasting is an art form that, in turn, leads to other artistic languages.
Dance, too, is an art of interpreting: through harmonic movement Dance makes visible what is only audible.

NSO Parco Della Musica
Music transposes and reveals a spiritual message.

Is it possible to “see” the colour, the scent, the taste of a wine in a dance movement?

How does the color of a wine inspire us?

How does wine connect to its scent and its taste?

“Dancing on the colours of Wine” is intended to be an attempt to express, through dance and music, some characteristics of wine (e.g. clearness, brightness, intensity, balance, harmony, …), creating a connection between different senses that starts from colour (sight) but overlaps even smell and taste.
”Dancing Wine” is a kind of “danced tasting”, where we can create comparisons, similarities, references, which enable to make the wine experience even richer and more exciting.


Where and who
The performance can take place in wineries ,wine cellars, meeting rooms and in many other alternative locations.
It could be ideally integrated during fairs, meetings, events and conferences related to the world of wine.

Emilia Sintoni (dance) and Alberto Rossi(presentation), will lead the performance, in collaboration with pianist and composer Filomena Uffing.


How does it take place?
The project has some basic general lines, that will be customized time by time depending on the event and request.

It could take place during a guided wine tasting, where dancing moments (with live music)alternate to the description of wine.

A potential schedule of the event could be, including the live performance of songs composed by Filomena Uffing:

1. Brief introduction to present the performance: a mix of dance, music, tasting in dialogue.
2. Presentation of a “white” wine, with its visual, olfactory and gustatory features. Straight after, a dance+piano performance interpreting the yellow colour
3. Presentation of a “rosé” wine, followed by a dance+piano performance expressing the colour Pink
4. Presentation of a “red” wine and later dance+piano performance interpreting the colour Red.
5. Conclusion: feedback from audience about the combination of a wine+music+dance experience !

About us
Emilia Sintoni
Emilia Sintoni is a contemporary dancer and coreographer. Since several years she creates performances in synergy with music (collaborations with Andrea Padova, Pierre Hommage, Luigi Piovano, Markus Stockhausen), poetry, painting, theatre, education, even in an international sphere (The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland).
She intends to use dance as a communication instrument, to express the connections between senses (smell, taste, touch, hearing, sight) in different contexts (e.g. the performance “Dancing Smell”, for Smell Festival – held in Bologna, May 2015).
Over the last few years, in addition to the passion for dance, Emilia increased her passion for wine: thus, she intensified the research about what artistic movement and wine can communicate. See here her website for further information: www.emiliasintoni.it


Alberto Rossi
After a degree in Economics and a degree in Philosophy, for 15 years now he’s been working in the area of internet communication. In 2009, a training course about wine instilled the passion in him and he created the web site www.vino-bio.com, dedicated to organic wineries. Not simply a “virtual” interest, anyway… He participated in several wine fairs and visited many wineries all over Italy, deepening the knowledge of people and work behind a bottle of wine. Now, thanks to this project together with Emilia, he wishes to embrace his passion for wine and art too.
Alberto Rossi – info@vino-bio.com

Filomena Uffing

Museo Crocetti
For contact , info & bookings in Italy
Emilia Sintoni


For contact , info & bookings in the Netherlands and abroad

Filomena Uffing


Private & corporate events

United Succes

Filomena plays at your event, meeting or congress her compositions or possibly a new customized one or either tune. She accompanies delightfully your moderators and programme . This will keep your content much more interesting for your audience!

On request she composes  for a special person in the company , anniversary , ceremony or corporate event.


Her music will create an absolutely unforgettable atmosphere… Like the effect of a soundtrack during a movie..indimenticabile…

Filomena often plays during (life ) art & photography performances, openings ceremonies, eventually combined with actors and dancers like Emilia Sintoni during the Vernissage of ‘Tempo Umano’ at Museo Crocetti in Rome.

She writes music for documentaries and movies which creates an incredible unforgettable atmosphere.

Her music creates a lively intensive atmosphere and brings the audience much closer to the art works and movie.

Home Concert (5)

Performance with Rosita Steenbeek

Performance with Rosita Steenbeek : Literature & Music!

An unique show about Rosita’s books and her life in Rome with Filomena’s compositions , sounds and feelings.. Première on Sunday 16 October in Oosterbeek, Netherlands.



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